Our History

SIMcredible was created on a Thursday,Click!2nd October 2003 by 4 brazilian friends, who love the sims.
Learning with helpful people on the sims Community, they started to create on August 2003 for the sims1, Click! "The Glacier" and Click! "Marrom Glace"sets, sharing them at Neighborhood 99 Forum.
The support from friends at N99's forum made the team strong enough to keep creating, specially Andres (Whiteshark80) which was a very active member at N99's and so...SIMcredible! Designs was born :D

A year later, in 2004, SIMcredible! celebrated the Click!1st year online with a special Calendar offering Click!daily goodies during the whole October month of 2004 ^^ it was very funny!

On 27 August 2005, SIMcredible got its own Click!WWW address and launched Click!Sims 2 content with the team starting to learn 3D and the basics of objects creation for sims 2. The first furniture set for sims2 finally came on 18 th January 2006, the Click!Party On! set. On October 2006 ~Roxanne joined the team creating walls and floors.

A year later, November 15th 2007, SIMcredible! was spotlighted @ Click!EA Games sims 2 Official site featuring an Interview. A great moment for all the SIMc staff :)

When SIMcredible reached Click!5 years online we created a special site to celebrate the event , with bio page, timeline and a complete SIMcredible shopping full of goodies :) You can check the "V" project here.

In 2009, when the sims 3 came out, SIMcredible was invited by EA to join the Sims 3 creators camp together with many talented sims creators! it was amazing to us :D

Still at the time when sims 3 came out, Andres and Roxanne soon left SIMcredible staff, as well as Tata ( who was responsible for the sims 1 area ) but the site did not stop^^ with 2 of original former creators assuming totally the 3D objects creation and website management, since then. So Click!SIMcredible became a duo .

On January 2010, SIMcredible got a Click!Twitter account. On March 2010, SIMcredible joined Click!TSR artists, as an additional place to show different creations.
On May 2012, SIMcredible launched the Click!official facebook page, connecting even more with friends and visitors :)
Now, we celebrate our Decade ^^ a very special and amazing achievement! Looking back to 10 years ago... we can say we could never imagine to reach such mark. But the sims universe is so incredible, so alive and full of possibilities, that we can't stop creating! and then .... Let Click!Sims 4 come!!! ^^


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