Frequently Asked Questions

Move your bottom scrollbar to the right and you will see the rooms names and patterns links. If your monitor has the resolution lower than 1280 pixels you will need to use the scroolbar to the right in order to find out the Downloads button because the site was optimized to 1280 width resolution. Choose a room. It's just click on GET FILES link below each set pic to get it. First you'll need WinRar to extract the rar files.
After download the rar files from SIMcredible, find them on your computer and double click to extract them.  You will get a "sims3pack" file from us.

Double click in the "sims3pack" file to install.  This procedure will open the Sims 3 Launcher, adding automatically the downloaded item into the "Downloads" menu .
 Check the boxes next to the items you want to install in your game then click the Install button.  A screen will pop-up notifying you that your items have been successfully installed in your game.
After download the zip files from SIMcredible, find them on your computer and double click to extract them.  You will get a "SIMc-*setname-Collection.package" file from us.

Place the .package file under your My docs\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Collections\User folder
Collections work as a kind of shortcut, they help you to locate the pieces of a set all together on game catalog but they don't carry the objects itself so, you'll have to download the object pieces AND the collection. We repeat: this is just a shortcut to find the pieces quickly in the game catalog. The collection file is not the object set itself.
Open the Sims3 Launcher, check the installed custom download you want to remove and click "U n i n s t a l l" . This will uninstall the item from your game, but doesn't remove the sims3pack file from your computer( it will still be available at your Downloads folder for further re-install, in case of you want to recover it some time later. )
To completly remove a sims3pack from your game and also from your computer, just click in the "Downloads" buttom in the Launcher ( menu on the left ) to check the file (s) you want to remove and go "D e l e t e"
Once you have the downloads properly installed, they will appear as the following:
As we don't have Mac, we don't know the how our objects perform in it.  However, they should work fine since the visitor MacFolk left us know that our files work perfectly on Mac.  All SIMcredible! downloads are guaranteed fully tested in PCs . About requests, sorry...we don't take them. But you're free to express your opinions @ our social media. Sincerely? No.
There're a lot of efforts and hard work behind our pieces and we ask you to please play fair :)
Don't upload/redistribute our content at any web site, FTP, forum, the sims exchange, e-mails, social media ... etc... No One will kill you, nor curse you to the lifetime (* sure! * ) ...but let's us seriously think about a simple thing... what is the big deal slaughtering other's people work ? .
The only way to reach us, the real SIMcredible creators is through our TSR minisite, at our Facebook, at our Twitter, at our Patreon, at our Tumblr, and at our Instagram. We are also members in The Neighborhood99 forum and ModTheSims (both as whiteshark80 - who was creator here on TheSims2 times). We have account also on Origin but we don't talk through this. So, if you are member of another community and there's someone saying it's SIMcredible, it's a fake.


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