sims 3 pets expansion pack

Since October 17 2011, when Electronic Arts released the patch 1.26 to update the sims 3 to Pets EP, downloaders and creators noticed that many furniture objects were not working properly.
EA changed the way the game deals with objects with modified slots and also other objects. Specially the ones which pets can interact, such as bathtubs, beds, seatings and so on...
This caused the creators to fix each of their creations and re download them all.
After the release of this patch, creators who will keep making furniture for the sims have no choice other than update their games; however it is already known that once a file is updated/fixed... it no longer will work with unpatched/older versions of the game.

SIMcredible! always had the absolute care to offer Patch FREE/ Expansion Pack FREE files ... our downloaders know this very well. But now, all furniture had to be updated.
We promptly ask you excuse but we will no longer providing unpatched/older versions of our sims 3 files since there's no possible condition to do this.

Pets EP / patch 1.26 also brought the Collections back to the simmers :) Simcredible is providing Collection files for each furniture set. Differently than the objects (which are sims 3packformat ), collections are small files in package format. Place the .package file under your My docs\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Collections\User folder
Collections work as a kind of shortcut, they help you to locate the pieces of a set all together on game catalog but they don't carry the objects itself so, you'll have to download the object pieces AND the collection to have them on the game, since the collection file is not the object set itself.

Thank you for taking time reading :)


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